Bay of Somme

Let’s be tempted by Bay of Somme

The destination Bay of Somme is an authentic stay at the sea 2 hours from Paris. Ideal for romantic weekends, family vacations. Pick your ideas for walks, nature walks in family, in couple or among friends.

Alongside the bays of San Francisco or Halong, the bay of Somme offers you an exceptional natural site classified natural heritage of Unesco. It extends over 70 km². Of great ecological richness, it preserves in the park of Marquenterre a high ornithological place.

Phoques en Baie de Somme: Le Hourdel

phoques en baie de somme, festival de l'oiseau

Parc du Marquenterre en Baie de Somme

une cigogne aux parc du marquenterre proche du camping le clos cacheleux en baie de somme

Randonnée et Découverte de la Baie

la traversée à pied de la baie de somme, activité à découvrir proche du camping le clos cacheleux en baie de somme

Balade à Cheval Henson sur la plage

Cheval Henson en Baie de Somme

With its panoramic landscapes and this impression of the end of the world, breathe these impressions of sands, dunes, pebbles, marshes that succeed and complement each other to offer you an extraordinary landscape, far from the cities. The sky and the sea meet in the Bay of Somme. The changing light inspires stained glass windows in Manessier (Chapel St Sepulcher in Abbeville). Bay of Somme remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for painters and writers: from Degas to Corot, from Jules Verne to Colette … The largest French colony of seals seated there. Here we meet storks!