Cliffs Ault,Mers, Le Tréport


Between Normandy cliffs and low fields that lead to the bay of Somme, Ault delivers you an impregnable view on one of the most beautiful bays of the world.

Former port, Ault offers you a multitude of landscapes and a rich historical past. Nicknamed “balcony on the sea”, from the top of the cliffs you will be able to contemplate the colors and the charm of the bay. Passing the pebbled cord, you will discover an extensive pasture, called “hâble d’Ault”, which means harbor. In the Middle Ages, the hâble d’Ault was the largest fishing center in northern France. Over time and the erosion of cliffs, some of the land was isolated from marine influence. Today, the site is set up for agricultural purposes and shelters the second reserve avifauna of the Picardy coasts. On the cliff of Onival you can see the lighthouse of Ault, built in 1951, replacing the one built in 1885 but destroyed by the German army in 1940

Mers Les Bains

Mers les bains is a seaside resort that has kept the charm of the great era. Its pebble beach when the sea is high and sand when it is low will allow you to admire the high cliffs of chalk that border on 2.5km the city. The city will also show you its 600 villas which have kept their seaside architectures of the Belle Epoque, some of which are listed in the Historic Monuments.

The Tréport

Le Tréport is also a classified seaside resort, the town marks the beginning of the cliffs of Normandy. Guests can relax on their pebble beach, along the marina. The town is punctuated by tide schedules and fishing boats returning to the port with fresh seafood. You can then taste the seafood in the different restaurants of the city, facing the sea or in the old town.

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