Our Ecological Values

Nos valeurs et gestes écologiques

camping clé verte label écologique

The Green Key
This voluntary label is awarded annually by an independent jury to the entire ecological tourist accommodation sector.

The criteria cover different fields of environmental management:

General environmental management, employee training: signs

Resource management and sanitation, valves, watering: flush, shower with a tempo button, dry toilets

Waste sorting, volume reduction: compost

Management of energy resources, heat, domestic equipment, lighting: equipment in A +

Food, maintenance, other purchases: promoting the work of the handicapped, working with craftsmen and local businesses

Indoor environment, outdoor environment: preserving the fauna and flora

Information to the hosts, nature activities: workshop kitchen plants

Camping Sites & Paysages the Clos Cacheleux ****, near the beach Crotoy in the Bay of Somme adheres to an eco-citizen,

Our gestures for the planet:

Use of LED bulbs,
Special care in the choice of flowers, shrubs and trees.
It offers its customers unusual and ecological rentals.
The eco-citizen campers sort waste, save energy and protect nature.

Charter of the Camping le Clos Cacheleux

You will respect the selective sorting at the entrance of the Camping, reading the instructions on the containers (cartons, glass, plastic, paper).
You will go to the Vimeux waste disposal center (address at the container level) for your bulky waste, chemicals, batteries, bulbs.
You will take the bus, the bike.
You will be attentive to the noise nuisances (music, cars, scooters, motorcycles).
You will limit the barking of your dogs (dog droppings outside the campsite).
You will extinguish your cigarette butts in the ashtrays installed in the campsite.
You will use water sparingly. You will notify us of water leaks, you will close the taps left open.
You will respect the speed limits in the campsite.
You will respect green areas, flowers and shrubs (do not tear or trample)

Sites et Paysages camping le clos cacheleux

At Sites & Paysages we have been cultivating the difference for more than 30 years now and we are the first chain of nature and family campsites in France. Our campsites on a human scale welcome you in the most beautiful regions of France and nearest natural sites.
Everywhere you will recognize this little air of family that although all different makes us resemble us and the same will of quality that is close to our heart.