Kota-Grill: your barbecue party

A Kota-grill in a real Finnish chalet with a central barbecue.

Our Kota-grill is an area where you can organise your barbecue parties with your families and your friends.  You can choose to spend an evening in the kota grill by making your booking online. The rent of the kota grill is available in the tab “options”.

You can rent this Finnish chalet with 2 possibilities:

  • With meal for 30 € per adults / 15 € per kid that includes:

a drink

a “faux filet” for adults / a “chipolata” for kids

one “brochette mix grill”




For your comfort, we set the table and prepare the wood fire Without meal for 60 €

To organise your own party! 

The Kota Grill is available from 7 p.m

Please remember that the maximal capacity of the Kota-grill is 14 persons.