Medieval Castle of Rambures

FREE : Traditional Games in the Castle of Rambures

Play with  twenty Picard Games . Some have even become sports recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports: ball in hand, long palm, sieve ball, javelin (shot on target) or game of the plate. Picardy has this rich sports heritage and playful. It is a living legacy that energizes many festivals. These traditions still regroup a few hundred licensees in the family of games of palms (at the origin of tennis)

Come and discover the Château de Rambures near the campsite le clos cacheleux !

Since the eleventh century their fortress stands in the heart of Vimeu and very close to the Normandy border.

The discovery of the interiors is done in the company of a guide who will tell you the daily life over the centuries in this fantastic building.

With him walk through the fully furnished rooms of the fortress. In the space of an hour, the lecturer will allow you a journey in time of 700 years. It is indeed since seven centuries that this castle is inhabited by the same family since its construction.

The park of the castle of Rambures can be defined as a vast romantic space of 15 hectares.

Inscribed in the inventory of historic monuments and labeled as a remarkable garden since 2006, development work began as early as the 17th century, when the fortress was transformed into a family home.

La château de Rambures

Le château fort de Rambures proche du camping le clos cacheleux en baie de somme

Patrimoine historique

le petit train à vapeur de la baie de somme patrimoine historique de la baie de somme

Castle of Eaucourt

les démonstrations de la vie médiévale et ses traditions au chateau d'eaucourt proche du camping le clos cacheleux
les paysages différents de la baie de somme disponibles en vélo proche du camping le clos cacheleux