Craftsmen of Picardy

To have products of qualities to offer you we make sure to work with local craftsmen

The brewery of La Somme, will allow you to drip the various Picardy beers, the bar, the grocery or in your hot meals *. There is something for all tastes: beer, amber, white …

The jams offered in the breakfasts basket or on sale at the grocery store come from the company “SCEA Aubert” which are located in the Aisne to Voyenne. These jams are made in a traditional way to make you feel the flavors offered: strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants or raspberries.

Farmers’ cider or apple juice are also handmade in the region. You can also discover these drinks in the hot meal or local basket *, available at the grocery store or bar.

For the meal we offer atypical dishes but typical of the region, dishes are made in the company: “the delights of the flanders”. It is a local company which proposes classic by adding a specialty, such as guinea fowl with speculoos, pork with camembert and cider, carbonnades flamandes or others.

Nearby, you will have the opportunity to discover the macons of Amiens, the butter cakes or the tiles or chocolates, specialty local unavoidable.

* Available as an option, to be booked 48 hours in advance

Les confitures

la confiture de fraises disponible dans le petit déjeuner pour découvrir au camping le clos cacheleux en baie de somme

Spécialité salée

la carbonnade flamande disponible pour découvrir dans les différents repas chaud ou au sncak au camping le clos cacheleux en baie de somme

Les marchés picards